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Well hello there, welcome!  Please sit down, make yourself comfortable.  My name is Alley and I’m the proud owner of a three horse herd.  This website will largely pertain to my four legged babies, but will occasionally include a life update after I’ve done something crazy like completed a Spartan race or a half marathon.  See, I think doing really physically and mentally exhausting things is fun.  It’s possible I’m crazy.  And while this website involves the name of just one of my horses, all three will be included.  Aspen will take up the largest majority as she gets trained and transformed into a riding horse.

I live in the lovely state of Illinois, land of the highest amount of corrupt politicians.  My horses live on the family farm and I am just a five minute drive away.  Aside from a horse addict, I am an artist, a web designer, an adventure seeker, a health and fitness enthusiast, a pun lover and someone who has a job working in cornfields despite being allergic to corn.  See?  Crazy.

But let’s get on to the interesting stuff, the horse history.

I’ve been interested in horses for as long as I can remember, as a large portion of horse crazy people say.  I took lessons from a handful of people and ended up at a barn that became a second family to me.  A family that had horses: horses that I could help take care of, show, train and lesson on.  I miss those teenage years of horsey happiness and am so thankful for them.  I rode some great (ornery) horses that taught me a lot and made some life-long friendships.

My herd started when I was twelve and I got my first horse: a miniature horse.  I’d been asking for a horse for years, though I hadn’t specified I wanted one of riding size.  I assumed that was a given, silly child I was.  Four years later I asked my dad for another horse.  A full sized horse.  I had learned the errors of my ways and included the key details.  A few months later I had two horses and was a very happy teenager.  I had a miniature to tag along for my antics on foot, and a big sixteen hand gelding for riding.

For years I was, and still am, happy with my first two horses.  But my gelding proved to be a nightmare to fit a saddle to and was getting up their in age, and while it doesn’t show, I wanted him to have a(n even more) relaxing life.  I started to halfheartedly look for horses and every time I found one I had interest in, I felt I was betraying my trusty gelding.  So I benched the idea of getting a third horse and continued to lightly ride my reliable Jephy.

Now, my dad has been a big part of my horse life.  He took care of my precious babies while I was away at University drinking learning and he takes care of them in the mornings so I don’t have to stop out before work to do chores.  I am incredibly grateful of all he does.  But, that being said, I firmly believe it is his fault we ended up with another mouth to feed.

My oldest brother came up from Texas for Thanksgiving in 2015.  My dad chose that time to fall ill with pneumonia.  So, while everyone was at the kitchen table for our Thanksgiving meal, my poor dad was in his recliner, as he had been for the past four days, eating his first real meal of the week, out of earshot of conversation.  I was sitting next to my brother Kirk and the conversation turned to horses.  At the time he had three paint mares, two sisters and their mom.  The conversation resulted in him saying I could have the youngest who was four at the time.  She was unbroke and had never been in a trailer and was a thousand miles away.  This is what happens when parents don’t supervise their children: they give one another large animals while they live fifteen hours apart.  So, clearly the blame can be put on my dad for not supervising us.

So.  As of 1:00 am Sunday April 24th, I have a three horse herd.

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