Aspen Adventures

Going Forward in Baby Steps.

I swear I will get into a more regular habit of blogging, but so far things with Aspen have been going nice and slow.  They’re progressing for sure!  Just nothing ground breaking.  Just fence breaking (that’ll be a separate post, it’s a doozie).  Aspen is coming along nicely and treats new things as completely non-eventful like a good baby.  Except lunging, she’s really not keen on lunging just yet.  She picks up her front feet quite nicely, and she’s getting better about holding them up for longer spans of time.  She thinks if I want her on three hooves it’s a health hazard, but when it’s her decision to stretch out in some ridiculous fashion to bite the living hell out of an itchy spot that takes a hoof off the ground, well they’s just fine.  Can you hear how hard I’m rolling my eyes right now?  It’s pretty intense.

One reason I haven’t been good about blogging is media.  I take sogoddamnmany a lot of photos and several videos, but getting them to my computer is a pain.  I need to make it more of a priority, especially because my wonderful iPhone just lost a bunch of my photos the other day.  Among the lost were some adorable photos of Jephy and Aspen standing in Jephy’s stall and looking out.  The stall was pretty dark so it was mostly their faces and parts of their legs, and they were both looking at me, eyes open ears forward, and their height difference was pictured so well it make me laugh to look at.  Le sigh!

This post is going to lack media unless I edit it in later because I just realized I let October slip by without a single post.  D’oh!  Since harvest has wrapped up Aspen will be getting more training time with the hopes of having our first ride before Thanksgiving.  Or I’ll just wait until my brother comes up for Thanksgiving and give him the honor of having it.  No, no I’m not saying that because I’m doubting my ability to back a horse, not at all.


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