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The Cats


IMG_6701Jersey is my black short hair, grumpy looking snuggle buddy.  He normally looks irritated, even while he’s purring.  He’s weird.  He’s a shelter kitty, as is Anaheim.  I fell in love with him while I was working at the local humane society as part of the cleaning crew.  He was a sleepy kitten, a very sleepy kitten.  They were so concerned something was wrong with him because of how much he sleeps he went to the vet.  Three times.  Each time he was given a clean bill of health.  He really just sleeps that much and is that lazy.

And boy is he fussy.  He has his own pillow on the bed and if I put the wrong pillow case on it, he sleeps on the pillow that it is on.  Even if that means shoving me off of my pillow.  He’ll vocalize to inform me that he isn’t happy with the food level in his bowl, even if there is enough food for the rest of the day.  Like I said, fussy.

If he wants to snuggle and I’m trying to study, he’ll weasel his way onto my lap.  I’ve learned it’s no use moving him because he’ll keep coming back until I give in.  He’ll complain that Anaheim dares to walk by him, swat her, then let her settle in and curl up to sleep with him.  He’s going to make the batteries on my scale die prematurely as he thinks it’s fun to sit on it (he weighs 8.8lbs).  Like I said, weird.



IMG_6680Anaheim is my black long hair kitty with ridiculously long whiskers.  I’ve measured them and the longest is six and a half inches.  No joke.  She came home a few months after Jersey.  Originally it was just going to be a home visit to see how she did in a home setting.  She was terrified of people at the shelter and always hid.  Every time I was there to clean or volunteer I would drag her from her hiding spot and hold her until she calmed down and fired up her disproportionately loud purr engine for such a small cat.  I knew her chances of being adopted were slim with her hiding from people, so home she came.  I honestly, truly meant it to just be a home visit.  I liked her well enough but adopting her wasn’t on my mind.

The first ten days she hid in my room.  Things were going swell.  After that she started to come around.  She met Jersey and decided he was alright.  Then she fell in love with him and followed him everywhere and groomed him.  Crap.  I couldn’t take her back to the shelter after that!  It would’ve been cruel.  So she stayed.  Oops.

She still hides when people come over, but now she comes out within ten minutes of them being here.  She still has a purr loud enough to keep you from sleeping and will groom you if you let her.  She wasn’t always the biggest cuddler, but lately that’s changed.  She’s a pain in the ass she wants so much affection.  Unlike Jersey, she’s a bit playful.  She’ll bat around toys and loves to spend her days in an open window, up in the highest perch of the cat tower sleeping or looking out the window at the world.

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